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Movie Trailer / Website

Woohoo! Only one more month.

The website has the trailer & a neat photo gallery with sound bytes from the movie. They even made icons to use. :)

part of an email from Dan:
On June 2, the long-awaited PEACEFUL WARRIOR MOVIE will open in Seattle, Portland, San Francisco, Los Angeles, San Diego, and Phoenix -- and soon after, in cities across the U.S.

Joy and I had a chance to see the film and were delighted by how well it turned out.

The movie covers the first two-thirds of the book (my college years), and has some new elements -- yet it expresses the heart and message of the story in a way that will thrill readers of the book as well as captivate a new mainstream audience.

To see the Trailer and learn the latest up-to-date information, visit ThePeacefulWarriorMovie site, where you can also view the Synopsis, Photo Gallery, Cast and Crew List, plus a Message Board to ask questions and express your views. (Later, you can easily return to the movie site by going to www.peacefulwarrior.com and clicking on The Movie button.)
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