All In One And One In All (atreyu73) wrote in peacefulwarrior,
All In One And One In All

So.... did you see it?

I went to see Peaceful Warrior opening weekend in Mt. View and loved it. It's awesome to see spiritual movies like this make the big screen with good actors and production companies. It helps lift the world of spirituality out from under the rock that a lot of people seem to put it under, and bring it mainstream for the world to see.

At first I was skeptical of casting Scott in Dan's role, but after seeing it I think he was the perfect choice. Same opinion with Soc.

I think we need more movies like this and Celestine Prophecy... unfortunately, Celestine Prophecy was a much smaller run, and production was indeed considerably less "Hollywood" as well. Of course, that's also the nature of that book so the movie isn't really far off there.

Think we'll see a sequel?
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I didn't think it was out yet... where can we see a trailer?
Here check out this URL:

There's a bunch of links on there, one of which is to the trailer and another to theaters showing the movie.

It started the limited release about a month and a half or two months ago.
Well, not suprisingly, nothing anywhere near me. I was a little disappointed to see that Lionsgate had handled the film (they make some pretty crappy movies), but the trailer looks good.

I like Nick Nolte, but I'm not sure how well he can pull off playing Socrates. I'm curious to see though. The guy playing Dan looks ok.

It's always hard to see something that touched your life as deeply as that book did mine when I first read it, turned into a movie. Sometimes it's done well and sometimes it isn't. It's difficult to capture the atmosphere of something so penetrating, but hopefully they did a good job.

I'm still curious to read some of the other books in Millman's line. I've also read 'Sacred Journey', but that's it. I didn't find it as deeply moving as the first book. The Journeys of Socrates looks compelling though. :)

One way or another, I'll have to make arrangements to see this movie. Thanks for the update.
I had the same reservations as you... but Nolte does well with Socrates although it is a little different than the light-hearted Socrates that is portrayed in the novel. Then again, the entire movie carries more of a heaviness... seriousness than the book does. I sense that was what Millman wanted -- for people to see Peaceful Warrior as "life or death".

I will say the movie was done very well. I'm sure a big reason for that is because Millman was intimately involved in most of the process... so everything has his stamp of approval.

I've read Sacred Journey and enjoyed it greatly, but like you, not as much as The Way. Journeys of Socrates is very different... fast-paced and very captivating, but I warn you, also very violent.

I just finished "Everyday Enlightenment" and found it to be a very good book, but mostly things I already live/know intuitively. My wife has read "No Ordinary Moments" and felt it was a very good book.
I haven't seen it nearby where I live. Are any theaters around Pittsburg, KS or Joplin, MO planning to show it? Otherwise, I'll have to wait for a DVD.
Opens August 25th at the Tivoli at Manor Square - Kansas City MO. :)
Unfortunately, that's like 3 hours drive away from us, plus 3 hours to get home. Not really a viable option for us.

Is KC the closest place it will be showing? We're down in SE Kansas, close to the Missouri and Oklahoma borders.
Gah that sucks :(

Check out and look at the theaters. Maybe one of them will be closer to you?
Have you checked any theaters near you lately? I live in K.C. MO and another theater nearby got the movie (AMC Studio 30 - Olathe, KS) so maybe one closer to you got it as well. I saw it this past weekend and it was wonderful. Sadly though, I was the only one in the entire theater watching it. But I guess in a sense it kinda made watching the movie just that much more of an intimate and somewhat surreal experience.
I just checked this morning - nothing. The Tivoli in KC, MO, is still 3 hours away, and it's the closest to us.

It looks like Netflix thinks there will be a DVD release of this movie. If there is, I can get it from them.
I know if it comes to DVD I'm definitely buying it. It's one for the collection.
That's really interesting. On one hand, I was amazed that there wasn't a single empty seat when I saw it, yet at the same time seeing it alone like that would have also been quite incredible.