All In One And One In All (atreyu73) wrote in peacefulwarrior,
All In One And One In All

So.... did you see it?

I went to see Peaceful Warrior opening weekend in Mt. View and loved it. It's awesome to see spiritual movies like this make the big screen with good actors and production companies. It helps lift the world of spirituality out from under the rock that a lot of people seem to put it under, and bring it mainstream for the world to see.

At first I was skeptical of casting Scott in Dan's role, but after seeing it I think he was the perfect choice. Same opinion with Soc.

I think we need more movies like this and Celestine Prophecy... unfortunately, Celestine Prophecy was a much smaller run, and production was indeed considerably less "Hollywood" as well. Of course, that's also the nature of that book so the movie isn't really far off there.

Think we'll see a sequel?
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